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How Test Printing Can Keep Your Printer Working For Longer


All newer printers have a test print function, which serves several important purposes. The first and most obvious purpose of test printing is calibration. When a printer is properly calibrated, the test print page will show off the device's range of colors and will provide the measurements that a printer owner needs to make sure that the device is working correctly. However, many printer owners do not realize that the test function on a printer can help when installing new printer ink cartridges, ensuring eco friendly printer ink usage and in extending the life of a printer.

One of the primary functions of a test print page is to force ink through the print heads of the printer. This ensures consistent print quality and starts a normal flow of ink. After installing a new printer ink cartridge, printer owners should immediately print a test page to make sure that the new ink cartridge works properly. The test page should show the colors in order. After installing a new printer ink cartridge, the colors may appear light or sketchy, but printing a test page or two should eliminate this problem and allow the printer to handle color images and other high-demand jobs more effectively.

Ink can also act as a lubricant to protect some of the mechanical components of a printer by preventing harmful ink clogs. Ink clogs are problematic for several reasons. They greatly decrease the life of a printer with built-in heads and are often exceptionally difficult to clear out on these devices. When a printer uses ink cartridges with built-in heads, clogs can ruin cartridges. Many printer owners do not even realize that they are dealing with clogged print heads and assume that their cartridges are out of ink. This leads to serious ink waste, so printing a test page every week or so is a great way to keep the printer heads from clogging and causing these types of problems. Forcing ink through the print heads every once in a while will keep the heads well lubricated, but printer owners should only use test pages for this purpose if they are not using certain colors on their ink cartridges for a week or more on a regular basis.

By using test pages to keep printers working properly, printer owners can ensure eco friendly printer ink usage and greatly extend the capabilities of their devices. Using a printer regularly is the best way to keep all of the mechanical components of the printer in good working order, and because test pages use all of the heads of the printer, they are an ideal tool for setting up and maintaining any home or office printer.

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