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Getting Better Color Reproduction From A Newer Printer


Laser and inkjet printers of today are capable of producing stunning color images because of the way the print heads have been improved. New printer ink includes a larger number of colors and even the eco friendly printer ink is capable of providing the higher results than many of the older printers were ever able to do.

Many LED printers feature advanced technology that traditional printers lack. This includes a self-scanning print head that is better at transferring the image. Therefore what is on the screen and what gets printed on the paper are virtually identical, providing a better reproduction of colors.

New printer ink in many of the printers is a result of multiple cartridges of colors as opposed to a single color cartridge. These can include cyan, magenta and yellow but other brands can include up to six different colors. This allows the colors to mix in such a way that offers a higher quality color print because of the ability to get more shades.

The cost of these new cartridges can increase the cost of printing significantly. However, eco friendly printer ink can be substituted by re-using the cartridge and filling with the ink refills that are available on the market. This not only makes the cost of printing significantly lower but it also helps reduce the amount of waste going into the landfills.

Color management is becoming a highly sought after feature in printers today. The new technology ensures the colors are closer than ever before to what is being seen on the monitor. The printer heads are using smaller dots of color during the printing process, allowing colors to blend more effectively to produce the same shades and designs of what is viewed on the monitor.

Various brands of printers offer the better color reproduction, including Dell and Canon to name a few. Regardless of the brand of the printer, however, the new printer ink can be expensive. Therefore it is in the best interest of the consumer to calculate the cost of the printer as well as the ink to ensure that an economic value is achieved.

In addition to looking at the costs of the printer and the printer ink, it's also important to see if there are ink refills available to save even more money. Not all brands have the ability to be refilled, therefore costing consumers more because of the hard plastic cartridge that must be purchased in conjunction with the ink itself.

The newer ink printers have the newer technology. As a result, color reproductions are more lifelike than ever before, even if the cost of ink is higher as well.

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