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Avoiding Paper Jams With A Newer Printer


Some of the newer printers have gotten high reviews because of fewer mechanical problems. There are fewer gears and less moving parts inside of them. This means that there is less chance for paper jams. It's important to lower print costs and that means doing what is necessary to save on ink and avoid such things as paper jams. Taking the time to read ink reviews can help.

A paper jam can happen in any printer at any time. Laserjets and inkjets both are susceptible to a good old fashioned paper jam. However, to lower print costs, the goal is to avoid paper jams. This is because it will prevent paper from being wasted, pages having to be printed multiple times and potentially even having to replace a printer.

Reading reviews of printers can go a long way. Past customers who have purchased a certain printer will discuss pros and cons. If a con listed commonly amongst reviews that detail paper jams as a problem, that particular printer should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise it is likely that it will cause the same jams as it has for everyone else.

Another thing to do is to use quality paper. All paper loaded into a printer should be kept horizontally. The reason is because it won't have the opportunity to curl, bend in half or anything else. When the paper is flat without any curves or folds, it will feed through the printer much easier.

Avoiding jams can also have something to do with the ink that is being placed into the printer. Not all ink cartridges are created equally. Those that have problems in the manufacturing area can cause paper jams. This can be due to a leak in the ink cartridge or because the cartridge doesn't provide the best fit inside the printer.

By reading ink reviews, it will be easy to determine if a paper jam can be avoided by purchasing one brand's cartridge over another. With more environmentally friendly cartridges popping up now more than ever, reading reviews are important to know who has the superior product.

Going through the computer's diagnostics can be the best way to clear out a paper jam. Opening the door and yanking pages out can result in tears. Then the printer is left with small pieces of broken paper which can jam up the mechanisms.

Lots of printers are on the market. Whether it's a laserjet or an inkjet printer, it's possible to get paper jams. However, spending the time to read reviews can help. Beyond that, it's about keeping the printer from overheating, loading the right paper and buying the right ink.

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