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3 Simple But Effective Printer Maintenance Tips


Like any other piece of machinery, printers need some degree of maintenance to keep performing at their best. A properly cared for printer can keep on reliably producing high quality printouts for many years. Keeping the home or office printer in good shape saves on professional maintenance, which leads to lower print costs in the long run. Of course, the quality of a printout also depends on the ink that is used, which is why printer ink reviews are extremely useful when deciding what ink to use in the printer. Below are three simple but effective printer maintenance tips to keep any printer working well.

Cleaning inside the printer is an essential part of any printer maintenance routine. A keyboard vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust from inside the printer. Vacuuming at least once a week stops dust from getting lodged in the internal machinery of the printer. When cleaning inside the printer, particular attention should be given to the print heads on the ink cartridges, as these can easily become blocked with ink, leading to poor print quality. Print heads can be cleaned by carefully removing the cartridge and gently rubbing the print heads with a damp cotton cloth. This keeps the ink flowing smoothly. As some types of ink are more prone to clogging than others, it is important to read printer ink reviews when buying ink for a printer and base the decision on the information they give.

When a printer is idle for a long time, the ink dries up. This means that the print quality is very poor the next time that the printer is used. To avoid this drying effect, the printer must be used regularly. If the printer has been out of use for more than a week, it is a good idea to print a test page or run the self-cleaning operation offered by the printer software. This might seem like a waste of ink and paper, but once the ink dries up, it is difficult to get it flowing again. Performing this simple and quick maintenance step actually helps to lower print costs overall.

All printers run into problems occasionally, with paper jams being one of the most common. When dealing with a paper jam, it is essential not to use force to remove the paper, as this can damage the printer. If the paper won't come loose with gentle pulling, the next step is to open up the printer and gently ease the paper out from between the rollers.

The better a printer is treated, the better it will work. These simple but effective printer maintenance tips will keep any printer performing at its best.

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