Thank you for visiting PrinterInkReviews.com. Our mission is to connect consumers with the most reputable sellers of printer ink on the web and offer instant money saving coupons in the process. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the ink industry and aims to ensure that consumers don't get duped by the numerous websites that sell poor quality ink. We have tested ink quality from all major ink sites and created a short list of the companies that we recommend doing business with. The companies that made the cut all delivered high quality ink and also offered customer service that ranged from "great" to "top notch".

In addition to judging the quality of ink and customer service, we also focus on price and other metrics such as free shipping and return policies. Lastly, we spent a lot of time weeding out the sites that had poor website usability. From our perspective, delivering high quality ink and taking care of your customers is about 70% of the battle. The remaining 30%, from our perspective, is making sure that the website that offers a quick and easy way to find the exact ink or toner that you require. After judging the search features of a site, we then move on to the shopping cart experience and rate those as well. It is always frustrating to find the ideal product and then go through 7 to 10 steps to actually complete the purchase. The ink sellers we recommend all have "good" to "great" shopping cart experiences.

We hope that our ratings and instant money saving coupons have made it easier for you in your search for printer ink. At the end of the day, if you received high quality ink for a fair price and were satisfied with the company you chose to do business with, then we are satisfied. PrinterInkReviews.com is based in the heart of New York, NY in the United States of America.

Printer Ink Reviews & Coupons - Shop Below

Rank Website Shop Now Free Shipping? Customer Service
#1 PrinterInkRefills.com Save 20% On ALL Orders star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on
#2 PrinterInk.com Save 20% Over $50 star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on
#3 ClickInks Save 10% Over $30 star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on
#4 PrinterInkCartridges.com Save 10% On ALL Orders star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on
#5 101inks Save 10% Over $65 star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-on
#6 123 Refills Save 17% Over $60 star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-off
#7 InkGrabber Save 10% Over $75 star-onstar-onstar-onstar-onstar-off